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which domain will redirect you to the amazon website?

Brad Stone’s book from 2013, “The Everything Store,” describes the rise of internet-based retailer Amazon along with Jeff Bezos, its founder. There’s fascinating information that isn’t widely known to the public.

Based on Stone, “Bezos and his wife became enamored of a different option:

As Jeff Bezos was brainstorming names for his company during 1994, Relentless became the brand name for the business that came close to being selected. Friends cautioned Bezos about the sound of it being threatening, and Amazon was eventually chosen as the defining name. However, something about Relentless was appealing to Bezos, and he was so impressed that he registered an official domain name for the title. You can type into a search box today, and you’ll be taken to Amazon’s site. Estimated to be worth more than one trillion dollars, Amazon has been ranked among the most prominent companies around the globe.

Final thoughts

That’s it! It might take a bit (a couple of hours?) to spread across the Internet based upon DNS settings. And, it costs you about $1 per month to use the S3 and Route 53 services, and there’s no maintenance to do.

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