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which of these is not a tool that you would need at the incident?

IS-200 IS-200 is a course designed through FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist individuals in preparing for natural disasters. This course is designed to provide you with the information and knowledge needed to set up an incident command structure during emergencies. It also gives instructions on how to manage different emergencies. This page provides information on all your questions about the IS-200.

The FEMA IS-200 Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response provides training on the ICS and also provides tools. This course teaches the fundamental role of the incident commander provides an understanding of the role of an incident commander and how they handle diverse situations.

Which of these is NOT a tool that you would need at the incident? 

A. Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
 B. Exercise Plan
C. Maps of the affected area
D. Agency Procedures Manual

The answer is an B Exercise Plan.

If you’re not familiar with Incident Command System, you’ll find this helpful. Many people have asked about this issue on Google. The answer is b. Exercise plan. Why? Because an exercise program wouldn’t be of any use when the accident occurred. An exercise plan is only helpful when you’re conducting an exercise.

When an incident occurs, and it’s real. Then, it’s time for action, and the other tools mentioned above are all helpful as they can gather details. We’ll provide a short description of each to help you understand.

Explanation: A workout plan isn’t useful because it is not exercising; it’s only real. Other options are great sources to utilize since they provide valuable details.

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