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Why Are My Dogs Eyes Red

Dogs’ eyes are just as sensitive as human eyes; they are as susceptible to irritation, allergies, injury, and diseases. If your dog’s eye appears like they are swelling or red, this may be a sign that they are experiencing irritation or mild allergies. There are many causes of redness in the eyes for dogs that are not serious and easily managed at home. However, some eye diseases and injuries are more serious, and it’s essential to be aware of what to look out for if your dog requires extra attention.

Please find out more about why your pet’s eyes are red, when it is time to go to the veterinarian, and how you (and your veterinarian) can ensure the health of your dog’s eyes.

What Causes a Dog’s Red Eyes?

The dog may develop red eyes for various reasons, such as injuries, foreign objects that have entered the eye area, allergic reactions, and many other eye problems like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and dry eyes. If your dog is suffering from red eyes, you can treat some of the issues at home, while other issues must be taken care of in a vet clinic.

The vet will perform an entire ophthalmologic examination and run various tests to determine why your dog’s eye problems. If you can pinpoint why your dog’s eyes are red and suffering from red eyes, you can provide him with the proper treatment.

How do my dog’s eyes look different from yours?

Our eyes in dogs function precisely like ours. They are organs that constantly adjust to relay what your pet’s eyes see into their brain. Their eyes are different from ours because a third lid, known as the nictitating skin, is located in the corner of their eyes.

As you’ve likely seen with your eyes, numerous factors can cause redness and irritation, from external irritations to dryness and diseases. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to developing eye irritation, redness, and related health issues.

Flat-faced breeds, such as Pugs, Bulldogs, and Shih Tzus, and breeds with long hair around their eyes, such as Sheepdogs, Maltese, and Poodles, can all be at a higher chance of developing red eye than other breeds. Older dogs are more likely to have eye issues that cause them to be redder more frequently, particularly when they suffer from pre-existing ailments such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

What Causes a Dog’s Red Eyes?

A variety of causes could cause the appearance of red eyes in dogs. The most frequent causes are allergies, injuries, dry eye, or foreign object that has entered the eye. Sometimes, red eyes are not an issue at all. However, some require a quick visit to the veterinarian.

Corneal Ulceration

The cornea forms the transparent layer of skin that covers the cornea’s front. If your dog has an unidentified foreign object in her eye or manages to scratch the cornea, it may let a bacterial infection be attacked. The bacteria break down the cornea when they multiply. It is excruciating. It is possible to observe the following:

  • A severe squinting
  • Mucky discharge
  • It could be that you are scratching your eye.

Your dog requires veterinary care to treat this issue! In rare instances when it’s a nasty infection, it can cause an ulcer that may cause cornea damage within as short as 24-48 hours! I typically stay clear of antibiotics, but in this instance, they may be a lifesaver for your dog’s eyes.

Treatment: It is recommended to consult your veterinarian before the application of any treatment. They might advise you to gently clean the eyes of your dog with the use of lukewarm water. Give it a couple of hours to see if the redness disappears.


As with humans, pets can suffer from allergies like humans, and dogs can also suffer from allergies. They can suffer from seasonal allergies, food allergies, and reactions to mold, dust household cleaners, dust, and other allergens in the environment. All of these allergies could cause a dog’s eyes to turn bloodshot, according to the American Kennel Club.

Eye injuries

Trauma to the eyes could be another reason your dog’s eyes become red and swollen immediately. If you have an active dog in the family, you know it’s easy for them to smash into objects while playing or chasing. Your dog could also begin looking at you and feel bleeding. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you spot blood. If the impact on the eyes was complicated and painful, the cornea (surface of the eye) might have been affected, which can result in painful ulcers forming on the eye’s surface. The result could turn into scar tissue that blocks vision and can cause various other problems with eyesight; therefore, early intervention by a professional is crucial.

Symptoms of Red Eyes in Dogs

In addition to the redness of the eyes, other symptoms that could be noticed are:

  • Eyes rubbing or pawing on the floor
  • Glancing up at the light
  • Keeping eye closed
  • The cornea is cloudy (the surface that covers the eyes)
  • Tears and watery eyes
  • A red lump appears under the eyelid.
  • A red spot appears across the surface of your eye.
  • Eyelids that are puffy or swollen. eyelids
  • Green or white discharges from the inside the corner of the eye

When any of the above symptoms are evident, having your dog checked immediately is crucial since sure of them could be an emergency.

How To Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy

There are times when there is no solution to stop your dog’s eyes from becoming red However, and there are many options you can take to ensure that your dog’s eyes are as healthy as you can:

  • Maintain the hair around the eyes of your dog and keep it trimmed.
  • Make sure your dog’s eyes are clean as required with a soft, damp cloth.
  • If your dog is one of the breeds susceptible to eye issues, wash his eyes with eyewash—your eyes regularly.
  • Don’t let your pet hang his head outside the window of your car when driving. This can make him a prime target for objects from outside which could fly right into his eyes.
  • Make sure your puppy’s eyes are checked often by your veterinarian.

In the end, if you find anything odd with your pet’s eyes, whether redness or swelling or your dog is looking at his face frequently, have his eyes examined by the vet immediately. The red eyes of your dog could be a sign of a more frequent issue that can be treated quickly; if you want to learn more helpful pet advice, look through our entire blog! There’s a wealth of valuable and fantastic information to keep your pet healthy and happy!

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