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why can’t i copy and paste

Copy-pasting information from websites is standard practice, mainly when conducting studies on a particular area. This allows you to effortlessly transfer the information to your notepad or word processor to edit. However, certain websites prohibit the copy paste of their data. In the most recent installment of the troubleshooting series, we will teach you how to paste your information on websites that do not permit it.

Utilizing Microsoft Office Suite is a typical task for many people today. The programs and applications are not built into our work. However, they are also in our minds.

Sometimes, you might encounter issues using Microsoft Word as if you cannot copy-paste from here. You’re looking to duplicate something and paste it elsewhere, but nothing is happening.

How Does Copy-Paste Work?

By copying text or files and saving it to the Clipboard. After you’ve pasted it, you can extract the Clipboard from the desired destination. Many different services support this process, allowing you to move text or files directly from your source to your desired destination without physically dragging them or saving them permanently.

Because of its simplicity and numerous benefits, this operation is very well-liked across every operating system and the majority of applications. Find out what you can do if this feature isn’t functioning correctly.

Why Can’t I Copy Paste? How to Fix It?

Here are the many reasons you cannot copy-paste and what you can do to solve it.

Issues With Keyboard

If you’re using keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting, but it’s not working, Try using the trackpad or mouse. The issue could be related to the keyboard; it’s not with the processor. Select what you wish to copy using your mouse, and then click Copy, and then Paste.

For Windows:

Click on”Windows” to reveal the Windows logo.

Go to Settings.

Select System.

Locate the Clipboard in the menu to the left and click it. (Before cleaning out the Clipboard, it is advisable to look through your pinned items to see if there’s the material you’d like to store).

If there’s information you would like to save from your pinned items, toggle the switch towards “on” under Clipboard history.

If you’d like to clean everything, turn the switch toward “off” under Clipboard history.


Click”Clear” or “Clear” to clear out the Clipboard.

Reset the Remote Desktop Clipboard Process

You can start the Remote desktop clipboard process by using File Explorer. Here’s how to accomplish this:

Open File Explorer.

Head to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Windows > System 32.

Right-click rpdclip.exe and then select Run in Administrator mode.

Find dwm.exe and start it with administrator rights.

Start your PC.

Update Windows

Specific system issues can cause copy-paste not to work. It is possible to fix this by upgrading Windows to the latest version since Microsoft continually releases updates, which include critical patches. How to do this:

Hit on the “Start” button and the “Settings” app.

You can go to “Windows Update” on the left. For Windows 10, go to “Settings -> Update & Security.”

Click “Check for updates” on the right. Windows will search for updates and download and install them after restarting your computer.

Close Open Applications

Run a lot of applications running in the background. There could be a conflict between the applications that prevent you from cutting and pasting files within Windows operating system.

What can you do to shut down the application running in the background? It is necessary to launch Task Manager, a system monitoring software that displays details and general information about the background applications as well as the system itself.

Step 1: Perform right-clicking on the taskbar space and selecting Task Manager from the choices.

Step 2. Step 2: Select the program to be closed in the Task Manager window, and then click End task.

Step 3: Ensure that it is working. Copy or Paste feature in Windows does work. If this method does not resolve the issue, consider the solutions below.

Which shortcut do you use that allows you to Copy and Paste on the Windows computer?

The keyboard shortcuts used in most applications are Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V for pasting. It is also possible to right-click an item and select Copy and Paste within the menu options.

Do I know how to copy and cut within Windows?

The keyboard shortcut for the cut command in most Windows applications is Ctrl + X. Alternately, click Edit > Cut or right-click to select”Cut” from the options. To paste, use Ctrl + V.


If you are experiencing problems with copy-paste when using Microsoft Word, clear the Windows clipboard cache. Launch Word with Safe Mode and test the outcomes. In addition, you should disable any add-ins and fix Office. If the issue continues, then reinstall Office. Did these solutions help you? Tell us about it via the comment section below.

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