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why does my wifi keep disconnecting

WiFi is a feature many consider a given, as it is always accessible. It can be a real pain when your smartphone isn’t connected. Numerous factors could cause this to occur.

The problem of why your phone loses connection to WiFi is a question that can be addressed by examining it from several angles. Could it be the fault of your device, router, or internet connection? Let’s find out what’s causing the problem.

Why Does My Android Keep Disconnecting From WiFi So Often?

Your Android phone may keep disconnecting from a WiFi router. In this case, it could mean that something is preventing the ability of your Android phone from connecting to the WiFi or modem correctly.

It’s typically a problem with the wireless drivers on your device. However, that might not always be the situation. If the hotspot is connected to an updated Android smartphone or tablet, it will attempt to check your Internet connection. It might find a poor internet connection, even though it’s operating flawlessly.

However, this isn’t the case. WiFi problems with networks tend to be due to your internet connectivity issues rather than the Android device.

What is the reason that causes the WiFi to continue disconnecting?

Through the active and supportive Windows 10 user community, we identified several of the main causes of this issue. Be aware that your problem may be unique, and these are just common issues that are discussed when people discuss the issue. WiFi disconnecting independently.

WiFi Sense. Windows 10 introduces a feature known as WiFi Sense. It was developed to help users connect to different WiFi networks; however, sometimes, it can get blocked. It lets you automatically connect to a wireless hotspot, which another Windows 10 user has previously connected to and shared.

This feature could cause a Windows 10 computer to disconnect from the WiFi network to attempt to connect to a different network you haven’t connected to on your device.

Power Management. Because Windows 10 is popular amongst laptop users, Microsoft has introduced a range of options to decrease energy consumption to extend the life of batteries on laptops and other devices.

The first option is the ability to turn off certain hardware devices when the power consumption exceeds a certain amount for your personal computer. This feature has turned off your WiFi adapter. This could be what causes your computer to disconnect from the internet periodically.

Connect and disconnect from the network.

Your Android device stores information about the network when you connect to the WiFi connection for the first time. This allows you to join the network seamlessly without inputting passwords each time. But things could occur suddenly, and your phone may get the procedure incorrectly.

In this scenario, you’ll have to restart your connection by hand. In this case, you’ll have to “forget” and “reconnect” to the WiFi network starting from scratch. Here’s how:

The guides mentioned in this article could differ across different Android phones and models.

Tap twice on the upper right-hand corner of the Android screen to launch your Quick Settings.

Long-press the WiFi tile to reveal the WiFi network settings.

Then then, tap the network that you’re trying to join. It should be listed in the list of “Saved networks.”

After choosing your WiFi name, press Forget. By doing this, you will erase the WiFi network from your device.

Now, click the network in “Available networks” and reconnect to it with the password.

Your modem isn’t connecting to your internet service provider.

The internet might stop working randomly due to an unreliable modem not promptly communicating with the internet service provider.

It is necessary to have a modem for the internet at home since it converts the signals from your provider into information that your home network can access. There are times when issues beyond your control, such as issues in the area, result in your modem being disconnected. Other issues could be at your side that you can resolve.

What can you do to fix it?

Verify the connection of your modem through the entrance point to your home. There may be an extension cable connecting your device to the wall or the cable protruding from an opening and connecting to the modem.

If all is well, you can contact your internet provider to determine if the modem can receive and transmit signals correctly. If not, customer support can help troubleshoot the modem remotely and dispatch technicians if required.

Update or Reinstall WiFi Adapter Driver

If the driver for your WiFi adapter is not up-to-date, the device will continue to disconnect from the WiFi. You can upgrade or reinstall the driver to fix the issue.

Select Start, Device Manager, and Network Adapters to expand the category.

Then, right-click on your WiFi adapter and choose Update Driver.

To install the driver again, click on the adapter’s right side and choose to uninstall the driver. Restart your computer, and Windows will install and download the latest edition of the driver. You can also download the most current driver from the internet to install on your PC.

Check Power Management Settings

The settings on your PC’s Power Management settings may disable the wireless adapter, causing it to disconnect temporarily. It is possible to make a minor change to your settings and solve the issue.

Select Start and then Device Manager to open into the Network Adapters section.

Double-click the name of your WiFi adapter, Select the Power Management tab and then uncheck the box that allows your computer to shut off this device to save the power box. Restart your computer, and then check whether the WiFi is working again.

How can I tell if my router needs an update?

Answer: The answer to this problem is easy, so why should you delay until your system exhibits an issue? It is to check for updates regularly with the credentials supplied by the business. Make sure you check for updates to the firmware regularly and install them if they’re available.

How do multiple devices affect WiFi?

Response: The Internet isn’t supplied by the device and is shared between multiple users via the modem. Therefore, connecting multiple devices to the modem won’t affect the modem’s speed, but it could affect the bandwidth.

What is the reason why WiFi doesn’t work when I connect my Windows laptop?

Your power settings could cause this issue, and many have complained that Windows stops connecting to WiFi after Sleep Mode.

If your WiFi keeps disconnecting on your computer, is it possible that you’re having problems with your adapter, or you may be experiencing problems with signal strength?

In some cases, the WiFi connection may slow down when you download or stream, which could be an ISP or a firewall issue; however, there’s a solution.


This article explored three ways you can fix the WiFi connection if it constantly disconnects.

Beyond these solutions, You can also test some other options, such as:

Do not be too far from your router

Limiting connected devices

Reaching out to your provider of network services

Beware radio interference from mobile cellphones, Bluetooth gadgets, and other devices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please forward the article to your family and friends if you found it informative.

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