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your device isn’t compatible with this version

Users may encounter various problems when creating Google Play on a new device. One of them is an error message stating that the device you are using is incompatible with this version. It’s no secret that Android compatibility has advanced exponentially in the last few years. But these issues happen pretty frequently.

There are a variety of reasons for this specific error. Sometimes, the device doesn’t work with the program you’re looking to download. However, in certain situations, users have reported this for every App they use. If this is true, the reason for the error could be corrected using unspecific strategies.

In the next post, let’s look at some of the standard solutions you can attempt if you encounter a “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” message on Google Play. Before we get into the methods involved, an alternative is to outline the likely causes. In a comprehensive guide, learn how to fix problems with Google Play Store on Chromebook.


When implementing the most recent Android APIs, developers may limit their apps to a handful of the latest Android devices. To make sure that the App functions well on all devices. Additionally, it’s because the Android world is highly fragmented, with a myriad of instruments of various sizes, resolutions, and processors. To ensure the best user experience, the developer may not have their App available for every device. For instance, you could technically add Android applications to your Android TV. However, the majority of apps aren’t designed to work with TVs. You’ll encounter problems with the scaling of displays and performance.

If you attempt to install apps that aren’t available in your region, there is a chance that you will encounter the same problem. For instance, streaming services such as ESPN+, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc. They are available in certain regions.

Methods to Make Your Device Compatible with this Version of Android

Clear Google Play Store App Cache Files

The first step to fix the compatibility issue with installation on Google Play Store is to remove all app-related cache files. Here’s how you remove Google Play Store cache files on your Android device:

1. Launch your Settings App on your Android device and tap Apps to open the Google Play Store.

2. Click on the Storage and Cache option to configure it.

3. Additionally, click the Clear cache button to clear all temporary cache files.

That’s it. You’ve successfully cleared all Google Play Store cache files from your device. Restart your device, and then install the App to see that the issue has been fixed.

Update The App That Is Causing The Error

If an app is causing inaccurate errors on the device, It might be worthwhile to update the application. The update will guarantee that you have the most recent version running on the device and it’s compatible with the most recent versions of Android.

When updating an app, it is recommended to check on the application store to ensure that the App works with the most current version of Android. It could be beneficial to wait until other customers look over the update to determine whether there are any issues in the most recent version.

To update the application that is causing the error follow these simple steps:

Step #1. Go to Play Store and look for the affected apps.

Step #2. Tap on the App.

Step #3. Check on: Enable auto-update.

Uninstall Play Store Updates

If the previous method did not resolve the issue of the “Your Device isn’t compatible” version’ error on your PC, You must remove all Play Store updates. To deinstall Play Store updates, follow these steps.

1. To begin, open the App Drawer on your Android phone app drawer.

2. The next step is to navigate toward Settings > Apps.

3. In the Apps, look for Google Play Store.

4. It is necessary to click”Uninstall Updates” to activate it. Uninstall the Updates button.

It’s over; you’re done! This will delete every update from Google Play Store. Restart your phone to remove the issue of the ‘Your device isn’t compatible with the app’ message.

Delete All Recent Updates

Another solution to fix this issue is to remove the latest updates.

To erase the updates.

It is necessary to first go to Settings

Select Apps

Go through the list of installed applications and choose Google Play Store

Choose the option to Uninstall Updates.

Install the App using Play Store.

Cleansing Google Play Store cache

These files can be damaged as time passes. So, it’s advised to clean the caches of all applications regularly. When confronted with a severe issue, the best action is to get rid of all the files on your device. Cleaning out the Google Play Store cache is equivalent to refreshing the whole store, giving it a fresh start.

Step 1: Long-press to open your smartphone’s “Google Play Store” application. A menu will open just below the icon for the App. Click on “App info.”

Step 2. Step 2: On the “App info” page, tap”Storage” “Storage” tab.

Step 3. The total amount of storage used by the Google Play Store is divided into three sections. This includes the size of the app users’ data, app size, and cache. Click on “Clear data” to clear cached files.

Note: The procedure to clean the Play Store cache might vary slightly from one device to the next. However, the primary sequence of steps will remain identical.

How do I switch off the device’s compatibility?

Uninstall and reinstall Play Store updates. Tap Apps & notifications/Application Manager (depending on your android device). Tap Google Play Store. If you don’t find it, Tap See all apps or App information. To the right of your screen, click the three dots and then click Uninstall updates.

Can I update the version I am using on Android?

To determine whether an update is on the way, You must open the Settings app. … To see whether an update to your security is available, tap Google Security checkup. To verify whether a Google Play system update is available, click the Google Play system update.

What do I do if my device isn’t incompatible with the version I’m using?

An application or a specific version may not work with your phone for various reasons. It could be due to corrupted cache files or outdated phone software. Try these solutions to install the application.

How can I get an Android application to install?

If an app isn’t compatible with your device, it’s possible to download it from third-party sources. However, force-installing incompatible apps could result in issues.

Wrapping Up

It’s all about getting rid of the “Your Device isn’t compatible with this Version error message that comes with Android. We hope that the troubleshooting techniques we discussed above resolve the ‘Device Isn’t Compatible with this Version error message. However, if you experience problems, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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